NHS Healthcare for the Armed Forces – new e-learning package

Posted on: June 28th, 2016 by David Wilcox 1 Comment

Launched today: a free e-learning package to assist health and social care providers, and other sectors understand the military community and their healthcare needs.

The Armed Forces community comprises current serving personnel, their families, and military veterans and their families. Whilst many aspects of health need are the same as other members of society, there are sometimes significant differences from other patients and particularly conditions attributable to life in the services and the overall impact of military life upon the family. These differences are sometimes reflected in the way in which healthcare is delivered, the range and types of services and the long-term impact upon the patient and their family.

This e-learning programme is designed to highlight both the similarities and the differences to allow healthcare personnel to understand both the context of military life and also how to appropriately respond to patient need. The programme is broken into three broad areas – the NHS care of current serving personnel, the NHS care of the families of military personnel and veterans, and finally veterans themselves.


NHS Healthcare for the Armed Forces

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