Archaeology project on Salisbury Plain for veterans

Posted on: August 11th, 2016 by David Wilcox No Comments

Breaking Ground heritage will be conducting an excavation of a Late Bronze Age / Early Iron Age Midden (rubbish tip) on Salisbury Plain between the 19th – 30th of September.

The excavation will be structured into two single week blocks that will provide a constructive and enjoyable introduction to archaeology and heritage. We will be looking at taking 15 participants per week and there is the option for spending the whole two weeks on site if the right candidates can be identified for this.

There will be no costs to the participants except food, what we are hoping can be provided through Tedworth House on a pay as you dine system, otherwise there will be basic cooking facilities on site for personnel to cook their own food (we are currently looking into messing being provided by the Army Catering College onsite but we are still awaiting confirmation for this).

Accommodation will be tented and living on site with shower runs to Tedworth House daily (Tedworth House may again be able to facilitate rooms on an individual basis but this will need highlighting ASAP if so).

We have a range of cultural immersion activities planned for the week from Bronze Age cooking, blacksmithing, pottery making and flint knapping along with day trips to related sites.

Last year this project was highly successful and this year the anti has been upped significantly so we are expecting great things.

No experience is needed at all to come along on this project, full tuition/supervision and tools will be provided on site along with a wealth of material to read before hand should individuals wish (not a prerequisite).

Please feel free to re-publish this information via whatever means you feel appropriate and refer any interested parties to this website to register to join.

We also have a social media presence on Facebook: Breaking Ground Heritage, Twitter: @Mil_Archaeology and Linked in.

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