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ACTIVE NOW: NHS England engagement survey for Veterans’ mental health services

Posted on: January 19th, 2016 by David Wilcox 2 Comments

On 25 January 2016, the NHS is launching a national engagement on mental health services for Veterans. The engagement exercise is being led by NHS England who are seeking views from people who have served in the Armed Forces and have or have had a mental health illness. The NHS would like to hear about their experiences and views of existing NHS Veterans’ mental health services and to understand the reasons why some people have not sought or received support and treatment. In addition to seeking views from Veterans, the NHS would like to hear from their family members, friends and carers, as well as staff and organisations that are providing treatment and support in this area.

An engagement toolkit will be made available via Cobseo to support local activity and will include a range of resources, such as a poster, leaflet, press release, discussion aid and copy for websites, newsletters and Twitter.